Ultrasonic Degassing molten aluminium

Ultrasonic Degassing in Molten Aluminium

Grain refinement, micro-alloying also in molten magnesium and glass.

Is the first shop where you can get your free online request for quotation. Since 1986, we have been selling high quality Sialon products from different grades to the molten aluminium, zinc and other non-ferrous industries. 

If you are looking for cost effective solutions for Heater TubesImmersion HeatersThermocouple Protection TubesFluxing PipeRotors and Stators, please visit our shop! 

Global Specialists in Ultrasonic degassing of molten aluminium, magnesium and glass!

With our new generation of high power NIMA ultrasonic generators, we are now able to treat large volumes of molten aluminium, magnesium, glass and other ferrous melts up to 1800 degrees Celsius. It is all about the choice of our next generation low frequency generator AND a new generation of in-house developed ceramics with non-wetting properties with a very high Young's Modulus Elasticity!

Other Applications

Other applications include use in the chemical, process, oil and gas industries due to the excellent chemical stability, corrosion and wear resistance properties. In metal forming, Sialon ceramics are used as cutting tools for machining chill cast iron and to braze and weld fixtures and pins, particularly for resistance welding.

Smooth Finish of Products

Our heater tubes, thermocouple protection tubes, riser tubes, Westofen dosing tubes, ladles, hooks, extrusion dies, cutting tools and welding pins have excellent non-wetting properties and a smooth surface.

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because hydrogen values are differently measured after ultrasonic degassing!


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